About Dr Will Buckingham, and what on earth this site is for

Hi. I’m Dr Will Buckingham, and this is my ongoing notebook.

I write books, teach in various places (I’m on the faculty at Parami University, Myanmar), and run all kinds of intruiging projects at the intersection of philosophy, writing, creativity and social change.

My most recent book is Hello, Stranger: Stories of Connection in a Divided World (Granta 2021/2). I also write fiction, and occasionally for children.

The best place to find out about my work is by going to some of the following:

About this site

This site is for references, research fragments, stray thoughts, scribbled notes, ideas not ready for the prime-time, ideas past their sell-by date and so on.

It’s basically a clone of my working directory for ongoing research notes on my laptop: a way of thinking out loud. If you’ve stumbled over here and want to say hello, get in touch via my personal website.