Wisdom, love and philosophy

Is philosophy the love of wisdom, or is it the wisdom of love?

Returning to some old notes on wisdom and love in the philosophy, for a class I’m writing. And they still seem relevant to my interests.

Is philosophy the love of wisdom? Or it is, as Levinas says, “the wisdom of love” (or “the wisdom of love in the service of love”)? — Serres, too, argues the latter in his pamphlet En Amour Sommes-Nous des Bêtes?

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Reading over my shoulder

What this site is about

Hi. I’m Dr. Will Buckingham, a writer and philosopher originally from the UK. And this is my newest project (as of the time of writing): a not-quite blog that I’m setting up as an experiment in writing and thinking out loud. You can see this not-quite-blog as a personal notebook, but one where you can read over my shoulder (and who doesn’t like reading over other people’s shoulders?).

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