Not quite a blog…

This not-quite-blog is written by writer and philosopher Dr Will Buckingham. My main, public-facing site where you can find out about my work is over on This is more a scrappy notebook for ongoing thoughts and work in progress. Coherence is not guaranteed. But some visitors may find this interesting nevertheless. Find out more on the About page.

Feasting with beasts

Inter-species hospitality

In Hello, Stranger, I’d planned a chapter on hospitality in the animal kingdom — between humans and other animals, but also outside of the human realm altogether. It was going to be called “Feasting with Beasts.” Musk-rats snuggling down with beavers (I think that was in some David Attenborough show years back). I still think there’s something to be said about this. The foster cats Aslan and Aspen are moving on to Germany this week, and I’m going to miss them. [Read More]

Reading over my shoulder

What this site is about

Hi. I’m Dr. Will Buckingham, a writer and philosopher originally from the UK. And this is my newest project (as of the time of writing): a not-quite blog that I’m setting up as an experiment in writing and thinking out loud. You can see this not-quite-blog as a personal notebook, but one where you can read over my shoulder (and who doesn’t like reading over other people’s shoulders?).

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